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In business since: 1926

Louisiana Pecan Growers Association

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At Louisiana Pecan Growers Association, we exist to help pecan growers. We achieve this by offering educational programs and opportunities for fellowship. Together we learn from our scientists and from each other.

Louisiana Pecan Growers Association

Our Mission

The purpose of this association is to encourage research, education, and promotion of all phases of production and marketing in the interest of the pecan growers of the State of Louisiana as a non-profit organization, and to promote pecans and related industries for betterment in the growing, distribution and marketing of pecans

Louisiana Pecan Growers Association

Facts About Pecans

Did you know that out of all tree nuts, pecans have the best ratio of "good fats" to "bad fats"? And a laboratory analysis helmed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that pecans were among the top 20 foods for antioxidant capacity.

Based on various scientific studies, it is a rich source of oleic acid, which is the same type in olive oil. Pecans also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, control weight, and reduce all-cause mortality.

Louisiana Pecan Growers Association


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